From this fall we’re also involved with malls!

From this fall we’re also involved with malls!

After one year of working together we became the official Creative and Social Media Agency of Indotek Group’s mall-portfolio!

We announce very happily that from this fall we are working with Indotek Group and its malls around the countryside. Our pride is boundless, because we are in charge of the creative and social communication of Corvin, Duna Plaza, the Promenada Mall in Marosvásárhely, and 17 other Hungarian shopping centres, moreover we assist the company in event organization, too.

We got a tender-invitation from Indotek Group in the fall of 2019, in which we competed for the lead agency role of two shopping malls in Budapest (Corvin, Duna). As a result of the successfully obtained tender, the Promenada Mall also got into our clientele. We started working together in January 2020, then during the pandamic outbreak further trade talks started about our creative and social service spreading to the whole portfolio. The first serious challenge was created by the pandemic, since the malls had to close and the Group tested our methods and solutions during this situation.

It seems that after all we made a positive (nomen est omen) impression on Indotek Group, as they engaged us for the creative and social strategy service of the whole countryside mall portfolio*, and in addition managing the social media platforms of the houses also came into the scope of our duties.

 List of the malls:

 *1. Alba Plaza (Székesfehérvár), 2. Balaton Plaza (Veszprém), 3. Cédrus Üzletház (Nyíregyháza.), 4. Csepel Plaza (Budapest), 5. Debrecen Plaza, 6. Győr Plaza, 7. Kaposvár Plaza, 8. Kanizsa Centrum (Nagykanizsa), 9. Kanizsa Plaza (Nagykanizsa), 10. Nyír Plaza (Nyíregyháza), 11. Miskolc Plaza, 12. Sopron Plaza, 13. Szeged Plaza, 14. Szolnok Plaza, 15. Zala Plaza (Zalaegerszeg), 16. Újbuda Center (Budapest), 17. Duna Center (Győr).