Our new campaign for Szarvasi Mozzarella is here!

Our new campaign for Szarvasi Mozzarella is here!

We shot a commercial with music for our client Szarvasi Mozzarella Ltd. which should bring a little fun into everyday life.

What was the idea? We didn't want to complicate things with all kinds of nice-sounding words but empty messages, we just wanted to make a commercial that was fun and lifts spirits. With Szarvasi Mozzarella, every day is better, there is no need to explain much. We simply say: stretch the experience a little, just like we do with cheese.

How did we do it? We turned to Lóci Csorba, the frontman of the band Lóci játszik, whose DNA is characterised by humour and melody. We asked him to write a new jingle for Szarvasi Mozzarella, but what he presented us with exceeded all our expectations. The song was so catchy that our entire agency, the film crew, and the Szarvasi Mozzarella Team were humming for hours.

Then we shot a video that would visually reflect what we call foodporn. Melting, crumbling, gooey cheese, breadcrumbs everywhere in slow motion, so that when you watch the commercial, you forget everything for a moment and focus on what’s simple and beautiful in life: gooey, delicious mozzarella and Lóci's music.

The result? It speaks for itself. We recommend consuming it responsibly, as it triggers unexpected humming and mozzarella cravings, and finally promise as much as we can deliver: just stretch a little the bad away from you and enjoy the experience!

Szarvasi Mozzarella
Szarvasi Mozzarella
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