Positive Adamsky continues to grow:  merger with agency specialised in healthcare marketing

Positive Adamsky continues to grow: merger with agency specialised in healthcare marketing

The dynamically changing healthcare sector presents new challenges and opportunities for healthcare service providers and their partner agencies.

This is why Positive Adamsky has decided to expand its healthcare marketing service offering by acquiring an agency specialising in healthcare marketing. Positive Health & Care is the first thematic, sector-specific member of the group, with the overall business goal to cover all areas of the healthcare sector.

A successful healthcare marketing company, with over 12 years of national and international experience and clientele, has joined Positive Adamsky.  Krisztina Horváth founded the legal predecessor of Positive Health & Care in 2010,that provided integrated, healthcare-specific solutions using innovative digital and data-driven marketing solutions. With a new name and  one of the strongest professional backgrounds in Hungary, Positive Health & Care - a member of Positive Adamsky enters the market, and offers a unique range of high quality services to the discerning business players of the sector.

“When I founded the agency, I summed up in one sentence how we would do our job: health is value, healing is profession, practice is business, that is we want to do good and do it well for our clients and their patients. Marketing has evolved a lot in the last decade, and the healthcare sector is undergoing a major transformation worldwide and in Hungary. In healthcare marketing, success today requires a much more complex team of experts and solutions, and this started the conversation between Positive Adamsky and my agency. Although we have been following, supporting and inspiring each other in healthy and fair competition since the beginning, we have found that by combining the capabilities of the two agencies, we can offer a broader portfolio of healthcare marketing services to domestic and international clients. The result is this exciting partnership, that opens up many new opportunities for Positive Health & Care", says Managing Director Krisztina Horváth.


Joined Forces

The merged member agency aims to offer effective solutions to private healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, as well as to providers offering services ranging from preventive check-ups to mental wellbeing, from wellness to sports activities; the word ”care” in the name of the company refers to this segment.

Positive Health & Care has worked and continues to work with companies such as Diaverum, one of the world's largest product-independent kidney care providers, Affidea, SYNLAB the largest laboratory diagnostics provider in Europe and the largest private healthcare company in Hungary, Rózsakert Medical Center, Oncompass Medicine with its innovative Precision Oncology Program, Elanco/Bayer, ophthalmic device manufacturer Alcon and VP-MED, Hungary's largest private reperfusion center just to name a few.

Ferenc Hinora, the co-founder of Positive Adamsky, says: "The healthcare sector is one of the most important sectors of the future. It is undergoing a massive development. As a leading agency in the Hungarian   market, it is important for us to provide professional services to market players in key industries with our decades of experience. To achieve this, we launched Positive Health & Care with Krisztina Horváth as Managing Director. Improving health awareness and promoting healthier lifestyle choices for the youth is also very important for us, and we are aiming  to achieve this in cooperation with our clients".

“The professional relationship between Krisztina Horváth and I goes back a long way. We have cooperated in many successful campaigns, so it is a great pleasure to welcome her as a managing partner leading the Positive Health & Care member agency. The digital and analytics-based solutions they have developed and successfully implemented offer our clients efficient marketing solutions with high added value.With a professional team specialising in healthcare and with the support of the integrated agency, we can serve more clients with more complex solutions offering exceptional value and quality." says Bálint Hinora, the Managing Director of Positive Adamsky Group.

This is not the first acquisition in the history of the group: in 2018 Positive PR had been acquired and a year later Adamsky joined. Positive Adamsky's turnover last year reached a record  of almost HUF 2.4 billion and the number of employees exceeded 100 experts.

Krisztina Horváth
Healthcare marketing expert, economist, managing director, founder

Krisztina Horváth graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest as a marketing consultant and economist. More than 12 years ago she decided to use her skills in an area that would not only bring her personal success, but also help others. She decided to lay the foundations of healthcare marketing in Hungary, which is both a passion and a hobby for the experienced professional. With her expert team she successfully achieved her goal to combine traditional and digital, data-driven marketing solutions in healthcare marketing communications to most effectively connect practices with patients seeking quality services.