Zsóka Fodor Tells Stories in Meggle's 30th Anniversary Campaign - campaign announcement

Zsóka Fodor Tells Stories in Meggle's 30th Anniversary Campaign - campaign announcement

The brand celebrates with a shared cooking session and the great stories from the actress known from 'Barátok közt'

Campaign Duration and Platforms

The campaign runs from October 19th to November 28th, 2023.

Campaign Objective

This year, Meggle celebrates its 30th anniversary in Hungary, having geared up for the occasion with a major online campaign. The goal was to increase brand awareness and to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Main Message of the Campaign/Advertisement

The best stories are born in the kitchen!

Creative Concept

The creative planning started with the slogan 'The best stories are born in the kitchen.' Angela Baracskay, a recurring face in Meggle's campaigns, was cast in a different role this time: as a chef alongside Zsóka Fodor, whose most famous character, Magdi anyus from ’Barátok közt’, was known for storytelling. The character is still alive in the public consciousness, as evidenced by numerous memes and TikTok videos. Thanks to her career spanning 50 years, Zsóka Fodor can entertain the audience with countless stories.

The main target group consists of housewives aged 34-64, who can easily relate to Angela Baracskay's recipes, the brand, the products, and Zsóka Fodor's famous character. Additionally, we aimed to reach the younger demographic of 18-34 years olds, for whom we shot separate content for TikTok.

Campaign Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, as well as programmatic networks.

Most of the content appears on Facebook: the three recipe videos, two segments of each featuring the best moments, detailed descriptions of the recipes, shared pictures of Angela and Zsóka, as well as Magdi anyus's five pieces of advice in 1:1 format. On Instagram, short clips and Magdi anyus's advice are presented as Reels, while the recipes are displayed in a carousel album format.

On TikTok, only Magdi anyus's advice is available, but they are promoted as advertisements on the platform. An important tool additionally is the Teads network, where we used mutations of the key visuals designed for the campaign. These were created even before filming, also appeared in stores and are the work of the agency.

Behind the Scenes

Before the shoot, Zsóka warned us that her cooking skills might not match up to her character's. However, we didn't mind this as it led to many humorous scenes when Angela entrusted the actress with some small kitchen tasks. Also, this allowed Angela to explain the steps more consciously. Therefore, viewers could not only find entertainment but also authentically learn the recipes.

The recipes were tailored to Zsóka – Angela collected recipes that are among the actress's favorites. The first recipe, the lemon pie, was linked to Magdi anyus, who always prepared this as her iconic pastry in the series. In the three videos, Zsóka talked about her career: TV and theatre, and in the third part, she spoke with great honesty about her childhood, adding extra depth to the content.

We also ensured that Angela appropriately highlighted the products and their main features. We didn't just mention that we use Meggle butter or cream, but also explained why we specifically use Meggle butter or cream.

In addition to the three main videos, 4 entertaining contents were also created. Here, Zsóka, as Magdi anyus, answered simple, funny kitchen-related questions, often improvising, but always referring to Meggle products.

For the campaign, we designed a seal celebrating the 30th anniversary, which also plays an important role in the video and also appears on Meggle products sold in Hungary. When mentioned in the video, each Meggle product is shown separately. In the top right corner, the viewer can continuously see the three most important Meggle products.

The footage was recorded by a cameraman with four cameras, three of which were static and one mobile, capturing close-ups and key moments of cooking during the more than 10-hour shoot. This allowed us to minimize shooting costs while creating high-quality videos. The video editing and production were also the cameraman's work. There was no separate director; the agency members decided on the creative steps and directed them: starting from ensuring that the small bowls on the set matched the kitchen towels to deciding which scenes would definitely be featured in the final videos.

Thus, the crew consisted of only five people: the stylist, the makeup artist, the cameraman/editor, and two members of the agency.

The videos




RAJO s.r.o / MEGGLE Hungary Ltd.

International Marketing Project Manager: Ing. Bohdana Hübnerová

Executive Manager (MEGGLE Hungary Ltd.): Jaroslav Horvath



Positive Adamsky

Head of Social: Ádám András Kanicsár

Digital Managing Partner: Gábor Kéri

Account Manager: Nicole Szabó

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist: Éva Ömböli

Digital Campaign Specialist: Lorene Santos de Assis Social

Media Graphic Designer, Key Visual: Kitti Epres



Producer, Director: Ádám András Kanicsár

Cinematographer, Editor: Márton Petrekovits

Editor, Colorist, Post-production: Márton Petrekovits

Stylist: Veronika Vékony

Makeup Artist: Rita Tóth

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