Stage setting / Issue Identification
Identify insights/rituals /opportunities between consumer and brand/research /analysis
Create Consumer-Centric Business Ideas based on Consumer Insight TRANSLATION
Test feasibility of new Consumer-Centric offer with consumers/Adapt
Consumer Centric Marketing Mix for launch
Exquisitely launch into market
Marketing focused management consulting for new market entry within Europe

The Expansion Model - management consulting from a marketing perspective

What is the DECODE© model?

A framework for foreign and domestic business growth based on 6 steps of target audience-centric business ideas. In other words: how to translate customer/consumer insights of the target market to enable you to understand the needs. This strategic framework is to support product or service launches to markets where insight driven trends and processes shape purchase and / or consumption habits. This is a solution for brands and companies who understand today’s and tomorrow’s consumer trends and are looking for future proof business solutions empowered by innovative concepts, empowering creativity, and well-structured systems. Are you looking into expanding your business abroad? Do you want to grow your business domestically? DECODE is the methodology to make it happen.

DISCOVERY :: Issue identification; defining market challenge on a macro level
ENQUIRE :: Identifying insights / opportunities between customers / consumers and brand / product / services
CREATE :: Insight translation into customer- / consumer-centric business ideas, and to define relevant business target audiences based on the insight
OFFER :: Test feasibility of the offer / product / service with target audience (test duration is based on market research specifics)
DEVELOP :: Target group-centric marketing mix for launching product / service, a marketing mix for sales and communication boost
EXECUTE :: Exquisitely launch into market, with the help of our blueprint and a detailed business toolbox

With the DECODE expansion model we facilitate our clients:

  • to extend their footprints
  • to answer true market needs and to create new product, services.
  • or simply just raise market relevancies by developing already existing and well-performing products, services to meet the latest or even future consumer trends.
As the framework name “DECODE” immediately makes us feel, it is not the question anymore if you can convince customers or consumers to buy… they will make their decisions anyway. The question is if your product or services are needed at all? If you can hear the insight behind the need? Our framework makes you capable of hearing that sound…

What does the DECODE© model offer you in short?
  • Business growth and the assets for expansion
  • The process is designed to unleash the power of business ideas rooted in creativity by identifying and unlocking truthful insights.
  • It translates insights into powerful business building innovations and new ways serving up products/ gain an edge in markets internationally.
  • The DECODE team works with management, innovation, research, brand management – forming a true part of the team.
We would be more than happy to hear all about your questions and ideas if you have something similar in mind.
Or ask for an offer if you feel.
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