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Your brand is not what you think it is. It is what others think it is: the way people experience your product or service. Our agency is specialized in stakeholder focused brand activation and in employer brand strategy, as well: a crystal-clear strategic project flow and methodology to make your brand communication efficient in supporting the product’s or service’s market presence, or to transform your company to an appealing employer worth working for, worth staying loyal to. Our ultimate aim is to become a vital part of the business strategy and offer you sales support and sales boost, as well as brand perception and brand building.
The 4-Steps Brand Activation Strategy: Brings a brand concept to life to influence brand perception & purchase decision, driven by the consumer funnel objectives and activated stakeholder specifics across brand relevant channels. By using our internationally proven frameworks, your brand will be assembled the right way to create truly valuable consumer interactions.

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The EVP Flow | Employer Branding Model: The fundamental tool for attracting good employees and to improve and build business culture and internal communication. It is a key message that is communicated to employees and is aligned with the key message (purpose) defined as the brand objective. To create the right messages and define the strategic tools, we use this model, which formulates action plans based business objectives, market conditions and current internal environment, and the assessed capabilities and motivations. These set of tools and action plans allow the employer to motivate the employees, to raise recruitment efficiency and to become an appealing employer.

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