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Authentic and fair?
Sales in a loveable way

Ad Rhetoric

We probed the industry – everything points in the same direction

We interviewed the decision makers of the country's biggest brands about marketing's present and future in our series #mostnincsmegállás. The unanimous opinion of the most credited professionals in communication is that the time when a brand could achieve success using only sales messages is officially over. It is time to be sensitive instead – the era of 'ad brutalism' is gone.

Speak intentionally to your customer's mind and heart.

'Visit us!', 'buy this!', 'try that!' – the imperative mood only works as long as it is enough to convince the consumer logically. The difficult situation caused by the epidemic requires empathy and radical changes from brands. But how do you even start the self-examination needed? How do you construct completely new messages that fit your existing communications? We help with everything.

We offer thorough analysis and personalized, practical solutions

The first step in the process is to create a comprehensive picture of how consumers currently see your brand. To do this, we ask you for all the communication materials from the last year from your boosted Facebook posts to the last printed handout. We then analyze what you provided us and compare it to how others talk about you, your credibility, and the impressions you make.

Subjectivity can be parameterized!

The end result will be a clear and easy-to-understand report you will receive. We have developed a framework based on Aristotelian rhetoric that sheds light on how your communication can be more convincing and authentic. Based on this, we will make you suggestions that you will be able to execute immediately.

What do you get out of this?

You will find out what does or does not work in your communication and why, based on the consumers’ impressions. Is there something wrong with the message? Is it the creatives? Or the brand itself? Everything will come to light, and we'll suggest you solutions to everything.


Who is this for?

Multinational corporations and smaller enterprises can both benefit from ad rhetoric. We can make analysis on any level: brand, campaign, stakeholder and process, so we will be able to tell you something smart regardless of the size of your company and the possibilities of your brand.


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