Do you have a cause?
Do you support it?
Do you undertake it?
Do you identify with it?
PR । Cause Marketing solution
Having no cause is causeless

BeCause Circle

It's no longer about supporting a cause, but becoming one with one.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) got emptied out a bit – this will be more evident in the post-COVID-19 era. With this, we can officially close the "cosmetic-CSR" period, the supporting of ad hoc causes. It's time to solve real problems and causes.  

Let's talk about cause marketing a little bit

The cause marketing approach is a strategic business management concept, where social and environmental viewpoints are integrated into the business management processes and stakeholder relations too, so the balance of economic, environmental, and social requirements is created (triple bottom line approach).

It's evident in the 21st century that your brand has strategy. But also having a cause in your brand's DNA brings character to it too, something to make your consumers think and shape their opinions.

Catch up, it's the 21th century!

If you don't stand up for or represent anything, you don't have a personality. It's quite obvious, right? This is also valid in marketing industry too: if your brand doesn't have any cause to undertake, its personality will be weightless.

More and more companies admit that they have to work for the image of a responsible employer, decrease the ecological footprint, work transparently and ethically, take responsibility for communities or undertake important industrial causes. Why? To attract the best of the labour force to itself, to broaden its consumer base and market, and gain their trust via its causes. 

This is how we help you with our service BeCause Circle.

What do you get out of this?

We integrate your cause into your company or brand communication strategy then tell your story in every internal and external channels using various tools: the media, internal communication, or employer branding platforms, with professional partners, or by involving your consumers. We help you to show the world: what's in your heart is also in your communication.


Who is this for?

We have a solution for everything: to build a cause from scratch, or if you already have an idea, or you have to adapt a global cause. Ergo: for every company.  


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