What is the value of a brand in the eyes of the consumer?
How much does your brand worth?
How can a brand carry values?
Create | activate | connect

Brand Activation

Why do we think on the brand LEGO as avatar for Creativity? Why do we think on adventure when we open up a Red Bull? Nowadays, a successful brand is not just what it sells but rather what we want to feel from it. Instead of product attributes, it holds consumer attitudes. Is your brand truly able to create added value that surpasses its characteristics? We know that the answer is yes.


Let’s think through it step by step:

The 4 Steps Brand Activation Model is an international framework about brand strategy, which can build or rebuild the world of a brand from scratch until the last brick and it brings the brand to life in a stakeholder focussed approach. Just like a multifunctional Swiss knife with a built-in lightsaber.

„In Medias Res” – We know it, but doesn’t believe in it…

A strategy is like a wild bear. We have to take it seriously, otherwise… We can’t do anything we want ASAP and expect the best results. We have to understand deeply enough the problem horizon, the inner/outer circumstances, the market surrounding, the competitors, and the overall flow. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we shouldn’t rely on our basic impressions from the start, that’s a must-have, but we firmly believe in consultative fact-finding, a variety of research, and the value of data. Ergo we believe that the only way to build a strong brand is by creating a strong foundation for it.

Insight, insight everywhere – Insight Generation / Consumer-Centric Approach

The era of ”Consume-consume-consume” ha come to an end… The rapid growth of consumer intelligence, the information boom, and the selective mindset changed the roots of our way of thinking about brands. Too many promises, opinion-shaping is already over the fence, and we’ve been influenced by basically everything. For a modern brand that wants to be in the game for a very long time, it’s not the right path to follow.

Learn about your consumers' needs, build a strategy around it, and be one step ahead. If you are capable of articulating the inner thoughts, attention and openness are yours.

The secret of a fool-proof brand

Behind every stable brand, there’s a rock-solid structure, a framework, which offers perfect stability for the brand. Every piece, rig, gear can work properly if the structure is correct. In the brand activation model, we use several international brand activation frameworks to make your brand rock-solid.

And that’s all, am I right?

Nope! It’s a common mistake when creating a brand to lay back and open up a bottle of champagne after writing down the last words of a strategy.

How do we tell its story to others? How can we launch it to markets? Where can we reach our potential consumers? This model highlights the real applications of your brand and it helps you transform it into concrete, down-to-earth values. and shapes your brand’s assets to real, profitable market assets.

What's in it for you?

A stable and strong brand that can you build on, a complex strategy, which sets you on your most suitable path, and lastly but not least a group of positive thinkers, who are capable and keen to guide you through this journey.


How can you tell if it's the right fit for you?

It's a must-have for those, who are eager to think from different perspectives when it comes to the future of their brand. For those, who are ready to take part in the process, and be professionals in their field. The brand activation model can plan for years ahead, so we have to think big together. But first and foremost this model is your best choice if you truly believe that your brand can offer more than just a product: It can create – activate – connect.


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