Do you hear it?
Do you take it?
Do you get it?
It's all about the waves you make.

Social Sonar

“You are what you eat," says the old proverb. In today's context we could rephrase this as "you are what you publish". As a brand, your role in social media largely determines your relationship with your customers. Mapping and analyzing the vibrations and echoes you make in this space will be an essential tool to help you shape your social media activity to be the most effective. The Social Sonar Framework helps you to increase efficiency and maintain authenticity by helping you to navigate, to radar the environment, and interpret the signs.

What makes up a sonar?

Within the framework of the service, we present the needs of a given user segment, map and analyze a brand's full social media presence then highlight the useful insights for you. We present and define the competitive environment in social media in which you want to communicate, and we even radar the appropriate social media efficiency indicators so you don't have to jump into the deep water right away.

Taking step by step

We don't only criticize. We tune in on the right frequency to provide better broadcast for your show.

  • We develop the right tone in close cooperation with the customer
  • We set the appropriate frequency bands, the right emphatic points, the narrative heights and schedules for your communication
  • We help you craft the perfect social rhythms with the right tones and amplitudes
  • Ultimately, we create the entire mix from which you can play the perfect social playlist

What do you get out of this?

The end result is balanced, harmonious social media activity, which is adapted to the personality of the brand, the tone-of-voice becomes uniform on all channels, and the rhythm of the social media activities on all platforms support your current marketing objectives and other brand-related business and communication goals.


Who is this for?

For those who want to engage in authentic social media communication and not just shoot blindly while hoping to hit a target. If it's important to you what your followers see first about you and you want to consciously build on this, Social Sonar is for you.

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