Why do you do what you do?
Why are others successful?
Why are you here?
Why Mining – On the prowl for the 'why’

Why mining

Are you sure about your motives?

We all tell stories about ourselves, however, the most successful brands and (opinion) leaders communicate in a way that is, in some respects, the exact opposite of how the average person would. Most people answer the WHAT question first, followed by the HOW – but very few know that success starts with WHY, because if the consumer knows what drives you, they can immediately identify with your goals.

Why the 'why'?

Why Mining is based on a combination of the models “golden circle” created by the highly successful motivational trainer and TED speaker Simon Sinek, and the rhetorical triangle by Aristotle. The “golden circle” model is based on the structure of our brain. The youngest, outer layer of the brain called the neocortex is responsible for rationality and language, but behavior – the behavior of your consumers! – is rather governed by the inner part, the ancient limbic brain. Only cleverly conceived, emotional messages are able to affect the limbic brain. The purpose of the Why Workshops is to find these messages.

Why Workshop

Why Mining consists of a workshop in which you and your team participate. In the course of the workshop, team members tell stories that are somehow related to your brand and your company. We analyze each story, find out what happened exactly, and what were the effects of that specific event. From the analysis of the stories, the essence of the brand emerges.

Finding the 'why' is the first step

The result of the workshop will be the so-called Why Statement. This is something like a relative to the mission statement. The Why Statement can be one of your most useful tools when planning any kind of communication for your brand. This kind of self-analysis is not unheard of in the western part of the world – however, in Hungary, you can be among the first in your field to bring this level of awareness in your communication.

What do you get out of this?

We identify with those who think similarly to us, so we are attractive to them. This is what the Why Statement can help you with. You will be able to recruit more effectively, formulate gripping PR messages, create better website content, it can even help you decide between subcontractors based on this – in a word, we provide strong fundamentals for all your communications.


Who is this for?

Workshops usually require 10-15 participants in smaller teams to be effective because the more perspectives we get, the clearer the picture will be about the true values. Companies who are able to delegate this many people may benefit from Why Mining more.


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