Positive Adamsky won the Design Office of the Year award in 2019

Positive Adamsky won the Design Office of the Year award in 2019

The Office of the Year presentation took part for the tenth time this year, the new HQ of Positive Adamsky was rewarded in one of the most high-level categories: Design Office of the Year.

The Hungarian agency group moved to the neighbourhood of Hősök tere last autunm, in to a three-floor building, more than 700 square metres, which was the previous building of the Embassy of Vietnam and Sudan. In the competition the jury of independent experts chose the best ones from 175 applications, and announced 12 winners.

Positive Adamsky won in its category competing with buildings like the new office of the Design Terminal, the building of PAJTÁS redesigned from a restaurant to an office and the Hunyadi Palazzo. The centre of Positive Adamsky is a historical monument villa, which was built in the beginning of the century based upon the plans of Sándor Hauszmann. „In my opinion the buildings preservation, transformation, and adjusting to its function happened in an examplary quality during the reconstruction of the agency’s office.”- said Pál Koós, designer, Institute director of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Desing Budapest on the presentation.

The new centre of Positive Adamsky opened in September of 2019. It was important to evolve a building which is big enough for the large group but also gives a homely atmosphere at the same time. The speciality of the agency’s HQ is that it is a monument, which limited the utilization of the inside areas, but also made the opportunity to make the harmony of old and new in the design of the building.

Ferenc Törőcsik, who rethinked the concept of the interior design had to accommodate during his work progress, that the new office should represent the character of an open agency and keep the atmosphere of the original building as well.